Natalya Medvedeva was born on March 09, 1985 in the town of Serpukhov, Moscow region. In childhood, she attended music school, took dance lessons, sang in a folk choir and participated in school events and performances. In 1997, Natalya went to gymnasium No. 6 named after Alexander Pushkin. She graduated with a silver medal for her achievements. In 2007, she graduated from Russian State University of Trade and Economics specializing in restaurant and hotel business and tourist affairs.

In 2003, she joined a KVN team (a type of stand-up comedy show for young people) as a scriptwriter and an actress. She is well known for her part in KVN team «Fyodor Dvinyatin», which gave start to her career.

In 2006, she was invited to perform in «Made in Woman» comedy club show as a scriptwriter and an actress. In 2008, the comedy project was renamed to «Comedy Woman» and became a TV show broadcast on TNT channel.

Mother, Olga Borisovna Medvedeva, German teacher and deputy school headmaster. Father, Yuriy Andreevich Medvedev, mine engineer. Elder brother, Andrey Medvedev, financier.

In 2012, Natalya got married. Her husband Alexander Koptel is a scriptwriter, actor and director.


 TV-show «That kind of movie»,
hostess (seasons 1, 2), TNT, 2014 – up to date
 TV-show «Empire of Illusions»,
participant, STS, 2015
 TV-show «Comedy Woman»,
actress, scriptwriter, TNT, 2008-2014
 RU TV & MusicBox Awards,
hostess, 2014
 TV-show «Big Issue»,
participant, STS, 2014
 Comedy Radio show «Nifertiti»,
co-hosting with Ekaterina Skulkina, 2013
 TV-show «Lunch Time»,
co-hosting with Natalya Koroleva, First Channel, 2013
 TV-show «Comedy Battle, Unlimited»,
TNT, 2010
 TV-show KVN,
participant of the team «Fyodor Dvinyatin», 2007-2008


mother, bride, directed by N. Chusova, 2013
 «What do men want?»,
(based on the play by A. Guerny ‘Sylvia’), Rita, directed by Vladimir Ustyugov, с 2012
 «Looking for a wife! Cheap!»,
Raya, Sveta, Lyuda, directed by M. Tserishenko, scriptwriter S. Belov, 2010


Glim, France, 2015
 «Animated series «Mi-mi-mishki»»,
baby bear Kesha, Russia, animated movie production studio «Parovoz», 2015
 «Jane the Virgin»,
USA, Jane Gloriana Villanueva, 2014-2015
a Disney animated movie, Vanellope von Schweetz, 2012


 «30 Dates»,
Dasha, directed by T. Kapitan, 2015
 «The Show of the Century»,
a short movie, mother in memories, directed by S. Kuznetsov, 2015
 «Changing Lives»,
Maya, directed by Mark Dakaskas, 2015
 «Remember and don’t Remember»,
Alyona, directed by V. Rovenskiy, 2015
 «Decent People»,
mother, directed by L. Poplavskiy, 2015
 «Corporate Party»,
Ira, directed by O. Asadulin, 2014
TV series, starring as Shurochka, directed by M. Masaltsev, 2013
 «What men can do»,
a friend of Rita, directed by S. Andrenesyan, 2013
 «New Year Marriage»,
secretary Elvira, directed by A. Adilikhanyan, 2012